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Providence will not tolerate adult entertainment abuses

As mayor, public safety commissioner and the leader of a major child welfare agency, we were deeply disappointed that the Providence license board gave Cheaters Gentlemen's Club only a $5,000 fine and a 45 day suspension of its license after police discovered an underage girl working at the club and soliciting for sex. We are outraged that a child in our Achat Kamagra Pas Cher community endured such unimaginable abuse.

The City of Providence must have zero tolerance for child exploitation and indoor prostitution within any of the city's adult entertainment clubs. A strip club that hired and exploited a child should not be allowed to continue operating in our community.

Acting on behalf of Mayor Taveras, the Providence city solicitor and the Providence police urged the license board to permanently revoke Cheaters' entertainment license.

We believe a very strong case was presented that Cheaters should be closed based upon evidence of flagrant violations of the law; the complete neglect of this child's welfare; and the interests of public safety.

In testimony before the license board, the city demonstrated that the owners and operators of Cheaters had reason to believe the 14 Masteron For Endurance year old child they hired in July was underage: the Providence police presented evidence that although the girl used a fake name and provided a false ID indicating she was of legal age, she signed her real name on an employment document "Comprar Gh Jintropin" that Cheaters required.

We know children who are victims of human trafficking and exploitation often share life characteristics such as poverty, involvement with the foster care system, lack of education and poor physical health. We also know that children with such characteristics are targeted by the illegal sex industry. All children are worthy of our fullest support and protection. Every instance of child exploitation and abuse deserves our outrage, full attention and action.

We were surprised and disappointed by the penalty handed down by the license board. But we will not let this setback deter us from permanently putting Cheaters out of business and preventing this type of abuse from occurring at "Comprar Gh Jintropin" other adult entertainment clubs in Providence. We will zealously pursue whatever means necessary and permissible under the law to ensure that Cheaters is, in "buy cheap jintropin online" fact, closed for good and those who commit such reprehensible crimes against children will not be tolerated.

In an effort to eliminate the possibility that such irresponsible business practices continue in the future, Mayor Taveras will introduce "one strike" legislation that requires the license board to immediately and permanently revoke any and all licenses held by adult entertainment clubs for any "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" finding of prostitution or employing a minor.

Furthermore, to forcefully address the "willful ignorance" tactic employed by club owners and operators to dodge responsibility for occurrences of prostitution and other illegal activities in their establishments, it is also time to ban private dance rooms and booths in strip clubs.

Prostitution flourishes in these spaces: the patron pays a high fee for the use of a booth, the dancer gets a portion of the fee and the club profits from the rental of the space. Accordingly, Mayor Taveras will introduce legislation that bans private rooms and booths at all adult entertainment establishments in Providence.

Lastly, strip club owners and patrons are on notice that the Providence Police Department will continue to aggressively combat prostitution and other illegal activities in these clubs with undercover sting operations, and we will pursue violations to the full extent of the law.

Indoor prostitution and hiring underage children to work in strip clubs is illegal and cannot be tolerated in any club in Providence or in Oral Steroids With Or Without Food the State of Rhode Island. The management of these clubs must abide by the law. We will never turn a blind eye to abuses in the Remastril 100 Drostanolone Propionate adult entertainment industry.

Angel Taveras is mayor of Providence. Steven M. Par is Providence's commissioner of public safety. Margaret Holland McDuff is CEO of Family Service of Rhode Island.