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PAC restriction in RI gubernatorial campaign

With the scion "Anaboliset Aineet" of a storied Rhode Island "Anabolika Definition" political family poised to shake up the governor's race, state General Treasurer and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gina Raimondo says she's open to signing a pledge to limit campaign donations from large political advocacy groups. Sen. Claiborne Pell, announces his candidacy, as expected, next Tuesday.

"We'd like to eliminate outside spending in this race," he said in a follow up email. "After Pell's announcement, the three campaign teams will get together and see if we can come to an agreement."

Pell's campaign spokesman Bill Fischer said in a statement that the presumptive candidate would address the Comprar Levitra issue during hisJan. 28 announcement "Oxandrolone Powder India" at the Rhode Island Convention Center.

"Clay certainly disagrees with the Citizens United decision that has allowed money from special interests to poison our elections," Fischer, added.

Providence Mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Angel Taveras' campaign manager Danny Kedem called on Raimondo, who officially launched her campaign in December, to sign a pledge now, rather than wait for Pell to enter the race.

"If the Treasurer were really committed to keeping third party outside money out of Rhode Island, then she would sign our Oxandrolone Oral pledge," Kedem said via email. "Today, Treasurer Gina Raimondo acknowledged that Citizens United is a problem. But, sending tweets is not a solution. Signing our pledge to keep third party, sleazy money out of Rhode Island is a solution."

Since he launched his campaign in late October, Taveras has been calling on Democratic candidates to sign a campaign donations pledge that would penalize them for receiving support from so called "super PACs" and other deep pocketed political action groups, which are allowed to spend unlimited amounts in support of or against candidates.

The pledge, which Taveras' campaign has dubbed the "Rhode Island People's Pledge," is modeled after similar agreement in high profile races in Massachusetts.

But Raimondo, who is being supported by American LeadHERship, a new Masteron Back Pumps super PAC focused on electing more "progressive women" governors, dismissed the idea at the time as a "political stunt."

"Common Cause thanks Mayor Taveras and Treasurer Raimondo for recognizing the damage Citizens United has dealt Primobolan Hgh Cycle to our campaign finance system by supporting a "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" People's Pledge," he said in a statement. "As Clay Pell stands ready to launch his campaign next week, we call on him to denounce the roll of negative, out of state, undisclosed money in elections and agree to a People's Pledge."